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ThreadWorksTM  is a JavaTM API that facilitates development and support of multi-threaded applications.  By lowering the learning curve associated with multi-threaded development as well as providing a standard support infrastructure, ThreadWorks lowers development costs as well as the cost of ongoing maintenance.  ThreadWorks can easily be used within distributed application technologies including J2EETM, JavaTM RMI, and CORBA.

Features include:

  • Runs tasks asynchronously.
  • Makes coordination between multiple tasks easy.
  • Optionally generates completion events.
  • Includes Scheduler that support time-based and custom dependencies.
  • Includes tunables for server-side applications including enterprise beans, and CORBA services.
  • Generates usage statistics to make performance problems easier to diagnose.
  • Includes simple API that's easy to learn
  • ThreadWorks is Open Source

Benefits to developers:
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Provides pre-built infrastructure and tuning support to help troubleshoot.
  • Allows you to concentrate on application issues, not threading concerns.
  • Completely scalable with your application.
  • Allows you to control and configure bandwidth allocated to asynchronous or batch tasks.

Benefits to businesses:
  • Makes multi-threading capabilities available to junior developers as well as senior staff.
  • Scales with your applications.
  • Reduces number and severity of outages due to threading issues.

Supported platforms:
  • Any JVM version 1.2.2 and above.




ThreadWorks featured in The J2EE Architect's Handbook

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