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Delta Vortex Technologies offers focused consulting services for Java/J2EE projects.  Our consultants are experts at  building enterprise-level frameworks as well as architecting and designing Java/J2EE applications.  Typically, our consultants function as project manager and technical leads for the initial phases of the project.

Areas where our focused involvement can highly beneficial are:

  • Project Assessment Services -- Typical activities include architecture/design reviews and code quality assessments.  These services are especially beneficial for projects that are outsourced.
  • Enterprise Architecture Services -- Typical activities include designing and architecting common services and frameworks that are reusable for all your applications.
  • Application Architecture Services -- Typical activities include providing instruction and mentoring at critical stages including use case analysis, modeling and design activities, and coding and testing activities.

Our approach and philosophies are detailed in the new book entitled
The J2EE Architect's Handbook: How to Be a Successful Architect for J2EE Applications published by DVT Press. 

Our consultants contribute to several open source projects as well as participate in the Java Community Process (JCP).  Our consultants are regularly published in technical journals such as The Java Developer's Journal and JavaPro. 

For an initial consultation with one of our consultants, please contact us at

ThreadWorks and CementJ featured in The J2EE Architect's Handbook