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Application Architecture services provide you technical guidance throughput the entire project.  These services can be used full-time on large assignments or part-time on small projects.  Our consultants typically function as technical leads and sometimes project managers until implementation.  At that point, they gracefully transition their role to your staff on a schedule that you feel comfortable with.

Our consultants will provide instruction and mentoring at critical stages in the project including:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Use Case Analysis
  • Modeling and Design Activities
  • Coding and Testing Activities

Our philosophy and techniques are illustrated in the J2EE Architect's Handbook

To find out more about how Application Architecture Services can help you, please contact

ThreadWorks and CementJ featured in The J2EE Architect's Handbook


Enterprise architecture (EA) services help you identify and standardize common strategies across applications.  Areas where EA services can help include the following:

  • Project organization and software layering
  • Toolset and framework usage
  • Open Source usage and control
  • Security enforcement
  • Regression testing and quality assurance
  • Application hosting

EA services Provide application teams technical guidance and direction.  Standardizing your architecture can make all your applications consistent and easier to support.  Implementing common services conserve resources by solving common problems once and only once.  To find out more about how Enterprise Architecture Services can help you, please contact


Project assessment services highlight J2EE project issues and provide suggestions for improvement.  Assessment activities can include the following:

  • Architecture and Design reviews
  • Code Quality Assessments
  • Performance Assessments

Architecture and design reviews will help you identify and fix costly design mistakes before they are implemented and have a high maintenance cost.   This service is useful for teams with limited design experience in a J2EE world. 

Code quality assessments will help you identify refactoring opportunities that will reduce outage frequency and maintenance cost.  Performance assessments will highlight ways to decrease user response time or increase transaction throughput.

This service is useful for outsourced projects where your staff may not be directly involved in the design and development effort.  To find out more about how Project Assessment Services can help you, please contact